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The Scientific and Medical Network is a UK based creative international forum for transformative learning and change. The Network is part of a worldwide contemporary movement for spiritual emergence, bringing together scientists, doctors, psychologists, engineers, philosophers, complementary practitioners and other professionals in a spirit of open and critical enquiry to explore frontier issues at the interfaces between science, consciousness, wellbeing and spirituality.

The Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP) is a membership-supported international coordinating organization for scientific, social, and clinical transpersonal work that serves the world community. The Association’s mission is to promote eco-spiritual transformation through transpersonal inquiry and action.

The INSS is a unique international network for people interested in bringing the study of spirituality to life through research, scholarship, education and practice. Founded in 2010 (as the British Association for the Study of Spirituality), we support and encourage the study of spirituality through our journal, biennial conferences, special interest groups and other events.

The International Transpersonal Association (ITA) seeks to promote a transpersonal vision in research, scholarship, education, and those therapeutic and practical spheres in which a spiritual orientation is beneficial. It aligns itself with no single approach, be it religious or scholarly.

IACTM promotes the Coaching, Therapy and Mentoring occupations, and provides accreditation to ethical and authentic professionals in these fields.

Today, EUROTAS is the Global Transpersonal Network, a meeting hub for all the transpersonal community worldwide. We currently have hundreds of members from more than 30 countries, professionals and organizations which are certified by EUROTAS, and we hold a yearly international congress to gather the community and promote a transpersonal vision in therapy, education, research, culture and society.

The Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium

The Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium. Bringing together clinical, scientific and spiritual paradigms to improve clinical outcomes

IMHU was formed in 2013 as an educational, charitable organization to bring spirituality into a more dynamic role in mental health practices. The paradigm of care we stand for is bio-psycho-social-spiritual. Most of our courses are online. We have an international Directory of Spiritual Emergence Coaches® we have trained.

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