Pascal Michael

Pascal Michael
BSc (Hons), MSc


Pascal Michael received a BSc Hons (Aberdeen University) in Neuroscience and an MSc (University College London) in Clinical Mental Health Sciences. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology at the University of Greenwich with Dr. David Luke, where his research mainly encompasses phenomenological analyses of mystical-type human experiences, both psychopharmacological and spontaneous – specifically, the psychedelic (namely DMT) experience and the near-death experience (NDE). This is with a view to developing a formalised framework of thinking that the NDE is fundamentally an endogenous psychedelic episode, as indicated by its acute, long-term as well as parapsychological effects. As such Pascal’s interests lie in death and dying as an entangled continuum – existing at the levels of the molecular, humanistic, and transpersonal. He has presented at conferences such as Breaking Conventions, and has been invited to give talks such as with the Oxford University Psychedelic Society. He is the 2020 recipient of the Schmeidler Outstanding Student Award.
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