Regina Hess

Regina U. Hess, PhD


Dr. Regina U. Hess lives near The Hague, Netherlands, and works globally. She is a clinical psychologist from Germany and holds a joint Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology (USA) and embodied phenomenology (UK). She is a body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist, creative therapist, transpersonal psychotherapist, and supervisor. Regina has a broad experience in humanitarian fieldwork and research on global health issues. She is the founder/director of the ASE World Forum. Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science, a specialist in working on the transformation of pre-and perinatal, individual, and collective/transgenerational transcultural trauma and the integration of the therapeutic-shamanic use of altered states of consciousness, with a specific focus on integrating Deep Ecology/Deep Feminine Principles, including sacred intimacy and sexuality, and women’s councils. Regina is faculty at international universities such as the Alef Trust, UK, and transpersonal educational institutes and is an independent researcher. Dr. Regina U. Hess is on the Board of Directors of the EUROTAS Global Transpersonal Network and the International Transpersonal Association and is Vice President of the European Transpersonal Association. She co-founded the international Transpersonal Research Network and the EUROTAS Transpersonal Research. She is a member of the Swiss Medical Society for Psycholytic Therapy and the psychedelic psychotherapy training team and co-developer/facilitator of the MIND European Foundation for Psychedelic Science ‘Beyond Experience Integration Program.’ Regina recently founded the global initiative Birthing an Ancient Future – Temple of the Peoples, Multidisciplinary Psychedelic Council – From and to all Directions – For all Relations.

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