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Transformative education in consciousness, transpersonal and spiritual psychology

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Masters of Science – MSc – programme that can be completed in three years – global and online

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Become a PhD student through Alef Trust – global and online.

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"This is more than a course, it's a transformation"

Alef Trust - Dagmar Suissa

“This was a truly transformational journey. The course has given me a lot of knowledge, particularly in the domain of individual and collective transformation, which is one of my key interests.

However, my most cherished gain is my own transformed self. I have a more expanded understanding of myself, I feel more authentic, more compassionate and more connected to others.

I now apply what I have learned through the courses I teach at university as well as through transformational work in organisations.

Yet it is not just the knowledge that I apply, I also apply myself.

My own transformative experience serves as a catalyst and has a transformative impact on others.”

| Dagmar Suissa

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