This is the Way — Daoist approaches to Psychology and Psychotherapy

In this option we will be exploring Daoist perspectives on Psychology, Soteriology, Philosophy and Ecology.

道 Dao – The Way

Daoism is one of the earliest indigenous religions of China and contains a great many scriptures and practices intended to restore harmony between Heaven, Earth and Humanity, promote authenticity, cultivate longevity and more awakened states and stages of being.

It was the 內丹 Neidan – Inner Alchemy of Daoism that first inspired Carl Jung in Richard Wilhelm’s classic ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’.

It was, in large part, the Daoist emphasis on 無為 Wuwei that led to both Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow developing their more Humanistic and Transpersonal Approaches to Psychotherapy, Psychology and Science.

Currently Daoist teachings and practices are being recovered and revived in China for their profound ecological insights that appeared to anticipate and skillfully respond to our present and pressing need for restoring harmony with (and within) our environment and increased sustainability.


Accordion Content
  1. Consider an engaging overview of Daoist thought, teachings and cultivation practices
  2. Experientially explore central teachings concerning 無為 Wuwei – effortlessness and 自然 Ziran – naturalness and spontaneity.
  3. Reflect on the impact Daoist thought has had, and continues to have, on Psychology, Psychotherapy and Ecology.

Course leader

Dr Elliot Cohen

Dr Elliot Cohen is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS). He is the current Chair of the BPS Transpersonal Psychology Section.

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