MSc course module

Meditation and Mindfulness

Explore how the potential of meditation practices and mindfulness-based approaches for improving psychological and physical well-being are increasingly being recognised.

Meditation and Mindfulness, aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge of current trends in this area, emphasising the application of meditation practice and mindfulness-based approaches in psychology and neighbouring disciplines.

By considering a variety of current streams of research it will develop an understanding of the strengths and limitations of empirical evidence available in this field. Furthermore, the module will consider practical applications of meditation and mindfulness practices in a variety of psychological contexts.


Accordion Content
  1. Explore the value of mindfulness practices in transforming your sense of self and sense of connection to the world
  2. Learn more about cutting-edge research into mindfulness, its origins, and its application in psychology, health, education and other disciplines
  3. Discuss your own ideas about meditation and mindfulness in interactive forums with peers and the course leader
  4. Reflect on your own mindfulness practice under expert guidance
  5. Join several live webinars for lively presentations, experiential exercises and discussion
  6. Explore how you might integrate mindfulness practices into your professional work contexts

Course leader

Dr Tamara Russell

Tamara Russell, PhD

Clinical psychologist, neuroscientist, martial artist and mindfulness trainer.

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