Nurturing the Fields of Change

February – December 2023

New Programme

This programme and emerging community of practice are for all who are interested in social change and cultural transformation, fostering a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. Join us for the first cycle of a journey into the living dynamics and experiential heart of holistic change facilitation. Responding to the turmoil and imbalances of our time, the programme opens an opportunity to come together and explore how we can synergise our energies and nurture joint inquiries into the big questions that confront us, such as:

  • How can we nurture holistic system change in the world? 
  • How can we open to nature and collective wisdom? 
  • How are mind, heart, body and spirit engaged in our work?
  • How do we inspire coherent action for transformational outcomes? 
  • How do we experience and approach the challenges we encounter? 

Inquiries into these questions require not only a theoretical appreciation of the holistic, interconnected nature of our world, but a deep and ongoing commitment to engage experientially with our individual and collective interior conditions. Experienced holistic change facilitators, transpersonal coaches and mentors will accompany us on this individual and collective journey.

“Many of us have begun to appreciate that purely external, technical solutions are insufficient in addressing the multifaceted problems of our time, because they are bypassing the inner dimensions of the crises we have been experiencing. There is a growing recognition that our global challenges are rooted in dysfunctional mental states and social dynamics, and that we need to engage in inner work to evolve our capacities and skills in addressing world-wide insecurities and volatilities” (Nurturing the Fields of Change report, p.12). 

Welcome to the Fields of Change

Dear all,

We are delighted to invite you to join this emerging community and programme, co-created by members of Alef Trust’s Conscious Community Initiative, and to share the story that has brought us together to this present moment. Imagine that we are all seated around a campfire, feeling the warm glow and dance of flickering flames, beneath a starry sky that stretches into the mystery of the vast unseen cosmos. Let us breathe together a moment as we lean closer towards the fire and listen to the wind whispering in the surrounding trees.

Community has always been at the heart of Alef Trust, a not-for-profit global learning provider active in higher education, research and community development since 2012. Alef Trust delivers Master’s and PhD programmes in consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology which are validated by UK universities. Our work is about cultivating balanced ways of being, as well as activating the potential of rigorous whole-person learning and inquiry for the betterment of human habits, cultures, and systems. The programmes and courses offered continue to evolve in response to the intensifying complexities and urgent needs for sustainable and ethical human development. 

In early 2020 we received funding to launch the Conscious Community Initiative, which supported a growing community of holistic facilitators associated with Alef Trust who contribute to individual and collective transformation around the world through their diverse professions and communities of practice. Initial approaches and findings from 2020-2022 are presented in our report Nurturing the Fields of Change. These include the significance of working skilfully with intention and attention whilst cultivating curiosity, open awareness and self-care. We found that holistic change agency thrives through collaboration and supportive community.  Community building and connection are at the core of enabling sustainable and lasting change. Peer communities help us in our practices and enable us to engage with the unknown in more courageous and resourceful ways. With the support and encouragement of our peers, we feel accompanied, seen and validated in our work; and we grow in our relational capacities and in our ability to hold multiple perspectives. 

And so, Nurturing the Fields of Change was born, and will be launched in February 2023 as a community and programme that responds to the needs of our day, co-creating resources and relational structures that help strengthen our individual and collective change agency and that empower us to prepare the soil and sow seeds for change, wherever we are based in the world. We are grateful to have received further funding which has enabled us to develop its infrastructure and significantly subsidise programme costs this year.  

If you decide to join this community, your experiences and insights will contribute to the collective tapestry that we intend to weave between us.  We look forward to sharing the journey. 

Jessica Bockler, Francesca Hector & the Conscious Community Initiative Team

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Nurturing the Fields of Change is a living programme and oasis of practice for effective change agents in today’s world. It will be held entirely online and is hosted on Sutra, an online community platform which shares the values and ethos of Alef Trust. 

The programme will unfold over a year-long cycle from February to December 2023. It features a structure of nested circles, with the outer circle being accessible to the largest number of people. This outer circle includes a monthly programme of topical presentations and dialogues, which will grow into an evolving library of digital resources to which you will have ongoing access. The inner circles focus on accompaniment in smaller groups, resourcing you more substantially with facilitated reflective meetings, case clinics, one-to-one coaching, and theoretical and experiential content explored in greater depth. 

What we are offering here is not a conventional training programme. Whilst we will be exploring many ideas, theories, models, and practices in this programme, when it comes to the big questions of our time, no one map or model reflects the complexity of the challenges and uncertainties we are navigating. What we intend to do together may be best described as collaborative sense-making, relational deepening, and playful remembering, releasing into the present moment, making space for emergence, and honouring the sacred by following the promptings of the deeper sources that animate and enliven us. 

Essentially, we are seeking to co-create an inquiry community with you. This means that we are not assuming that we, the facilitators of this programme, hold all the answers. Instead, we pledge to create safe spaces for deep attunement, so that we can together honour the edges of our knowledge and live the questions that call to us. 

“We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.”
(Rohr, 1999)

Through this evolving programme and community we aim to nurture between us the fields for paradigm change, honouring our deeper nature and embeddedness in the world, and galvanising our action potential by developing conscious, integrative, full-spectrum responses to our perceived predicaments and visions.

We approach holistic change facilitation with the awareness that our deepest inner nature is embedded in nature at large. Therefore, the core content of this programme is built around transpersonal, depth-psychological and ecological principles. Throughout our time together, we will attune to natural patterns and rhythms and listen to our intuitive, emotional, somatic, and vital intelligences and what they invite us to do or undo…

Immersion in the natural cycles and seasons of holistic change

  • Autumn: Attune and plan.  We commence our journey in the autumn, engaging in integrative planning and self-inquiry, preparing the soil. We will attune to our contexts and consider the structures and containers that may be most conducive for coherent processes to unfold. We will explore the individual and collective realities of the terrain in which we are working. From here, we will cultivate integrative practice, attending to the multidimensionality of ourselves and of our work. We will access and work with our deep imagination and explore nature design principles for project planning. We will explore the ethics of holistic approaches to change facilitation and consider what we need for our community and sense of connection, so we can feel safe and supported in our co-created online spaces.
  • Winter: Pause and incubate. Winter prompts us to go inward and listen deeply to our multiple intelligences, honouring their voices and developmental impulses. We will sense into the challenges and obstacles that are present, within and beyond us. We will listen deeply to the underlying narratives of separation and individualism that are rooted in our Western culture and contemporary consciousness. And we will enter a shared dreaming process, noticing the new archetypal stories that want to emerge through us, honouring our interbeing and the sacred sources that shape our lives. Intuitions may gestate and more subtle information may come to the fore. As our awareness deepens, we calibrate our pacing, and continue to build feedback loops into practice planning and delivery. We will open to the healing field of self-regulation that is inherent in nature. And we will practise deep relating, to help us grow as a conscious community. 
  • Spring: Notice what grows.  In the spring of our shared journey, we will immerse ourselves in diverse aspects of change facilitation. We will consider what is needed for holistic change facilitation to be most meaningful and valuable in any given context, considering systems sensing and conscious stake-holder engagement alongside facilitator capacities and practice ethics.
    We will explore holistic change as a multidimensional evolutionary expression of our deeper human potential and participation in local and global ecosystems. We will consider both the flourishing and challenges encountered through projects and approaches from around the world. We will refine our approaches to participatory engagement with all stakeholders, meeting people on their terms, appreciating their perspectives and understanding their ways of being and doing.
  • Summer: Appreciate what is flowering. Harvest & celebrate. The summer brings our journey to its culmination. We will celebrate its fruits and reflect on what has not taken root and grown. We will explore transpersonal and participatory approaches to research, considering the ethics and conundrums that evaluation presents us with, in a world that is overly identified with reductive measurement and quantification. Together, we will apply the art of visionary storytelling that can help inspire new ways of being and doing. We will explore metaphors, poetry and the arts as vehicles for sharing visions, and we’ll examine how to understand and relate to audiences from all walks of life. Lastly, we will calibrate our intentions and start to prepare the soil for the next cycle.
  • emerges through Earth-based wisdom, and is rooted in integral and transpersonal frameworks;
  • combines interactive presentations and dialogues with opportunities for personal reflection and integrative development;
  • engages in inner work to evolve our capacities and skills for outer action;
  • embraces a whole-person and whole-systems approach to human development and societal transformation;
  • offers personal accompaniment and coaching alongside theoretical and practical training;
  • supports networking and transdisciplinary practitioner dialogues;
  • honours the different backgrounds and experiences, different paths and stages on the path of all participants. 
  • You are interested in the principles and practices of holistic change facilitation. 
  • You want to explore psycho-spiritual development in service of outer (systemic and social) change. 
  • You may be a practitioner, researcher, writer, teacher, or activist with experience in fields relating to change facilitation, such as education and coaching, health and wellbeing, sustainability, peace-building and humanitarian efforts, international development, and/or systems change. 
  • You may or may not already have experience in inner development and integral or spiritual practice. 
  • You want to participate in leading edge and intimate dialogues in a safe and respectful container.
  • In summary, the programme is open to all who feel called to contribute to collective transformation and paradigm change. You will be able to apply the programme offers and arising insights to any field of work. 

Which circle do you feel most called to join?

Three nested circles let you choose the depth and intensity at which you want to engage in the programme and community.

1) Widening Perspectives: Monthly webinars

Participate in topical presentations, join conversations, and feel inspired by different perspectives and ideas.

Join 10 interactive sessions, exploring the principles and practice of holistic change facilitation. 

Here are some of the topics we will explore: 

  • Deep dive into holistic change and its seasonal cycles.
  • How to engage with deeper sources and listen to emergence.
  • How to recognise and work with leverage points for change.
  • Approaches to structural and relational considerations.
  • Self-care and inner change through integrative development.
  • Challenges, shadows and the need for self-care and self-regulation.

All sessions will take place on Zoom. They will be recorded and made available to registrants. You will have access to an evolving library of recordings. 

Registration fee: voluntary donation (fully subsidised) 


2) Deepening Reflections: Group dialogues

Join a reflective circle, cultivate connections and resonances

  • Access to the Widening Perspectives circle, plus:
  • Programme of 5 fireside conversations with people deeply immersed in exploring the growing edges of change facilitation. Dates to be announced.
  • 10 Facilitated reflective circles: With a maximum of 15 people, groups will meet monthly, from February to December, enabling more intimate continued reflections on the issues and perspectives explored in our programme of monthly webinars and fireside conversations. You will be grouped according to your time availability.
  • General discussion forum, serving ongoing peer dialogue.

Registration + fees: £250 (low income), £350 (moderate) £450 (high) per year (partially subsidised)
+ scholarships for individuals experiencing financial hardship


3) Evolving Facilitation: Integral approaches & accompaniment

Join the imaginal core: Develop your capacity for holistic change facilitation through personal integrative practice and in-depth accompaniment in a 4-module holistic change facilitation course

  • Access to the Widening Perspectives and Deepening Reflections circles, plus:
  • Integrative Practice quest: Establish and evolve a personalised integrative practice programme throughout the year, taking care of your emotional, relational, spiritual, intellectual, and vital intelligences and needs. Deepen your multidimensional awareness and somatic processing via a range of creative, embodied, relational, and spiritual practices. We will support your Integrative Practice through:
    • An introductory module: Featuring guidance on integrative planning and practice through readings and audio-visual resources, and 2 webinars (recorded), exploring the principles of integrative practice.
    • 10 facilitated meetings of your Integrative Practice circle: With a maximum of 15 people, groups will meet monthly, from February to December, to attend to the nurturing of integrative capacities. Your circle will be managed by one of our Integral Practice mentors. Groups will run at different times, to be confirmed. You will be grouped according to your time availability. 
    • A facilitated Integrative Practice forum: Here you can share your initial practice pledges, receive feedback, and periodically check in and report on your practice as the year unfolds. The forum will be managed by one of our Integral Practice mentors.
    • 5 one-to-one coaching sessions with an Alef Trust qualified transpersonal coach, who will support you to develop a more expansive and interconnected sense of self and help you to access the necessary resources that may aid the attainment of your fullest potential and performance.
  • Seasons of Holistic Change: A 4-module experiential course, exploring the cyclical dimensions of holistic change facilitation. 
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Our Integrative Practice quest is the first module of the training course. The cultivation of inner skills and capacities is  inextricably related to how we can be of service in the world and model and embody the very change we want to see around us. Moreover, an integrative perspective helps us honour all dimensions of our being and our work – the inner and outer, the individual and the collective. Therefore, we place integrative practice at the heart of the holistic change facilitation quest. This module features guidance on integrative planning and practice through readings and audio-visual resources, several webinars (recorded) that will explore the principles of integrative practice, a year-long facilitated integrative practice circle, a written forum, and 5 one-to-one coaching sessions – as detailed above.

Dreaming while awake, this module explores imaginal and embodied practices for envisioning and enacting change. Our practices will be rooted in principles emerging from quantum physics, social field theory, transpersonal theory, and quantum social science, inviting us to explore concepts of self and self-agency. We will sense into the daily narratives that inform our actions and ways of being, and what archetypal stories are calling for our fuller attention and enactment. This module includes reading resources, guided activities, a facilitated forum and several sessions blending theory and praxis, exploring the value of imaginal play in holistic change facilitation.

This module will consider essential attitudes and capacities that enable holistic change facilitation in any given context. We will explore systems sensing and conscious stake-holder engagement alongside practice ethics. The module includes reading resources, guided activities, a facilitated forum and several webinars. This module also includes case clinics. Case clinics are held to address work and practice related issues experienced by the members of the programme. You will be invited to register your interest in bringing a case at various times of the programme.

The summer module explores how we share our work with the wider world, finding common ground through shared values and igniting new visions for holistic praxis. Together, we will apply the art of visionary storytelling that can help inspire new ways of being and doing. We will also consider how holistic change can be evaluated, drawing on transpersonal and participatory approaches to research. We will explore how to navigate narratives of commissioners and funding bodies that are overly identified with reductive measurement and quantification. Lastly, we will calibrate our intentions and start to prepare the soil for the next cycle of our work. The module includes reading resources, guided activities, a facilitated forum and several webinars. This module also includes further case clinics. Case clinics are held to address work and practice related issues experienced by the members of the programme. You will be invited to register your interest in bringing a case at various times of the programme. 

All webinar and case clinic dates to be announced.

Celebratory gathering of the programme community: December 2023.

All live taught webinars & practice sessions featured on the 4-module course will be recorded and the recordings will be made available to registered participants.

Certification: Participants who fulfil the participation requirements will receive a Certificate of Participation in Holistic Change Facilitation from Alef Trust.

Registration fee: £2,000 (low income); £2500 (medium income); £3,000 (high income). (All fee levels are partially subsidised.) Partial scholarships are available for those experiencing financial hardship. 



If you are interested in registering for either of the 3 circles, please fill in this form to indicate your interest. We will contact you with further details when applications are open.

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