Leah Subar

Leah Subar

PhD Student


Leah is a psychotherapist in private practice since 2015, certified in AEDP (accelerated dynamic experiential psychotherapy) and dance/movement psychotherapy. She received her MSc with distinction from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience of King’s College London. Research interests include right brain to right brain processes in adult psychotherapy, transformation studies, and sacred moments in the therapeutic relationship. Leah is currently a participant (clinician) in the AEDP International Research Study, aimed at collecting empirical data on the process and outcome of AEDP therapy. Leah was raised in Denver, Colorado and has lived in Israel for over 30 years with her husband and children.

PhD research

Leah’s research comprises a multi-case study design exploring client perceptions of sacred moments shared within in a relational, experiential psychotherapy. Her focus is on themes and specific words used by clients to describe transcendent experiences that occur within the client/therapist relationship. Leah’s aim is also to elucidate specific components of therapeutic presence that may help sacred moments unfold, e.g., the therapist’s use of soft prosody (pauses, a lower volume, slower rhythms, and softer intonation); eye-gaze that is gentle and direct; and the judicious use of therapeutic touch/holding.

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