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Applied Transformative Psychology

Transformational open learning online courses in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology

Start date: February 2023. Length of study: 15 weeks. Tuition: £900

The Applied Transformative Psychology open learning module focuses on the ways in which transpersonal, integrative, and spiritual perspectives can be applied in practice, considering personal and professional pathways and ethics of transformation. The concept of inner development is examined in the context of evolving ideas and theories exploring personal and systemic/collective change; and questions of ethical engagement in contemporary contexts are considered in the light of the evolving meta-crises of our times. 

Students are encouraged to explore their own professional practice in relation to two of the following specialist topics:

  • Creativity and transformation
  • Integrative medicine
  • Multidimensional trauma and transformation
  • Transpersonal coaching psychology
  • Transpersonal ecopsychology
  • Transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling

Module leader

Jessica Bockler, PhD

Founding Director

Creativity and Transformation

Tutor: Dr Jessica Bockler

In this course we explore the nature of creativity and its relationship to human development and growth, as well as its relevance for social change. The evolving crises of our time call for inner and outer changes in our ways of being and doing. In Together, we consider how we can draw on our creativity to enable and support generative change processes in ourselves and in those we work with. 

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology

Tutor: Jevon Dängeli

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology (TCP) can be described as the theory and practice of coaching that takes a holistic and integrative approach to support client growth and transformation. In this course we explore the basis and value of a transpersonal approach to coaching.

Integrative Medicine

Tutor: Dr Hennie Geldenhuys

This course explores the mind-body-spirit paradigm and its implications for an integrative and holistic approach to wellness and healthcare. Health, disease, healing and the psychosomatic are viewed through a transpersonal but pragmatic lens.

Transpersonal Ecopsychology

Tutor: Paul Maiteny

We are living in extremely destabilised times. We humans are undermining life-support ecosystems essential to life itself, ecological, social and personal. It is a tragic irony that we have been doing so with the aim of making our lives better. We have now reached the threshold point where the destructive results of our priorities and action is confronting us full-on. Yet, we are continuing to seek technological ‘solutions and fixes’ using the same motivations and types of thinking as have caused the devastation in the first place. 

Transpersonal Ecopsychology provides a new way of thinking about and understanding human meaning and purpose as embedded participants in the ecosystem, rather than in the binary way of thinking of ourselves as ‘other’ to ‘nature’ and ‘the environment’. 

Multidimensional Trauma and Transformation

Tutor: Dr Regina U. Hess

We will explore multidimensional applications for the transformation of individual, transgenerational, and ecological trauma drawing on clinical, transpersonal, indigenous, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy approaches and research. The goal is to support the person’s innate capacity to restore the mind-body-spirit-balance and eventually wholeness, including such dimensions as interpersonal relationships and relationships with nature, the cosmos, culture, and the community.

Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy

Tutor: Dr Gabriel Fernandez Borsot

Transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy situate the process of psychological healing and maturation in the wider context of spiritual development. This option explores the main features of these approaches, and their associated techniques and models.

Accordion Content

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. Come and study purely for personal interest and enrichment … and get the same level access as our postgraduate students who will be studying alongside you!

Before the module begins you will be provided with a Module Outline which will list the reading materials, time-lines, and any activities required. This module includes 2 specialist topic options courses with discussion forums, experiential activities and several live webinars. Additional live webinars introduce and close the module.

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