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On “Methods” in Transpersonal Psychology: Reply to Friedman. Les Lancaster

As Dean of the Alef Trust I welcome discussion on the subject of research methodologies appropriate to advancing the goals of transpersonal psychology. As Harris Friedman writes in the previous article, methods are “tools” in our toolbox, and choosing the appropriate tool for a specific objective is always critical.
The question I wish to raise is whether the thrust of Harris’ article is constructive in the context of the discussion I would like to see emerge.

Avoiding Transpersonal Methodolatry and Scientism, Harris L. Friedman

In the last Alef Trust’s “Transpersonal Community Newsletter” (October, 2019), there was a position statement made with which I want to quibble. As one of Alef Trust’s directors, I found this statement problematic, as it appears to privilege one research approach, namely “qualitative” (which would include the different methods named) as being less “reductionistic” and “enabling a deeper appreciation” of certain transpersonal phenomena.

Alef Trust Workshop Day Nov 2019

The Alef Trust workshop in London brought together about 30 students and faculty for a day of getting to know each other as we explored transpersonal practices. We returned to the appreciative inquiry initiated last year, asking: “What can support us and nourish us as we work within a transpersonal paradigm, and what can transpersonal practices bring to the world?” and “Where do we want to go from here and what do we want to create?”

Could Psychological Crisis be a Symptom or Catalyst for Awakening Experience? Donna Thomas

During this essay, I will discuss the potential of transformation through crisis. Reflecting on my own experience, I will examine the relationship between psychological turmoil and sudden awakening, exploring whether crisis is a symptom or catalyst for self-realization—or both. According to researchers, Steve Taylor and Egeto-Szabo (2017), the term awakening refers to an expansion or opening of awareness where our perceptions, ways of being, and vision of the world are transformed. This brings a new sense of harmony, meaning, clarity, and connection.

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