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Transformative learning

When you think of “learning” or “education” you may think of acquiring practical skills, scientific knowledge or simply factual or historical information about the world. How to build a house; how to fix a car engine; mathematics; human psychology; history of ancient Greece etc. But what if you could obtain an education which is not only professionally, scientifically or practically useful – like helping to create a new career – but also personally and spiritually expansive in that your life is transformed in some meaningful and permanent way. This is a type of education known as “transformative learning”.

Sacred Science Circle

Sacred Science Circle

Alef Trust is pleased to announce the public launch of its latest collaborative project: Sacred Science Circle. The Sacred Science Circle gathers a sacred circle of individuals and groups that honor the “fires” of transformation implicit in all scientific, scholarly, and artistic endeavors. Its mission is

Meditation and mindfulness | Alef Trust

3 Facts About Mindfulness

What exactly is mindfulness and where did this simple psychological and spiritual practice get its start? Why is everyone doing it and why are so many doctors recommending it for their patients? The first part of this question – what exactly is mindfulness? – has a surprisingly simple answer.

Lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming for Healing and Spiritual Awakening?

In lucid dreaming the dreamers become conscious whilst they are dreaming. They are aware that they are in the midst of a dream, and some are also able to exert control over the content of the dream, shaping the environment and dream narrative at will.

Transpersonal Psychology Blossoms in Brazil

From 4 – 7 September our directors Les Lancaster and Jessica Bockler attended and presented at the ninth International Transpersonal Conference organized by Alubrat (the Portuguese and Brazilian Association for Transpersonal Psychology), in partnership with the ITA (International Transpersonal Association), and many other transpersonal organisations

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