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Transpersonal Dreaming

Start date: February 2023. Length of study: 10 weeks. Tuition: £450


In this course, we study transpersonal dimensions of dreaming, drawing on scientific research and historical/spiritual traditions. We will explore the world of lucid dreaming and its potentials for growth and transformation.


In this course we will draw on a variety of perspectives, including historical and spiritual traditions, classical and modern dream theories, and scientific research.  We examine how dreams relate to our waking life and how they can bring inspiration, meaning and transformation into our lives. One of the core aspects is the focus on lucid dreaming – the ability to become aware of dreaming while dreaming, which can be considered as a transpersonal experience in itself but can also be used as a vehicle for further transpersonal explorations within the dream state. We explore cultural and scientific understanding of lucid dreaming, its phenomenology, possible applications, and ways to induce lucid dreams. We look in depth into the transpersonal potentials within (lucid) dreams, considering links with meditation and mindfulness, exploring Tibetan dream yoga, the ways how the dream state can be transcended and its extrasensory potential, associations with out-of-the-body experiences and shamanic journeying.

Accordion Content
  1. Examine the most recent scientific research and theories of dreaming, and discuss in live webinars and interactive forums their implications for transpersonal psychology and spirituality.
  2. Learn techniques to develop the skill of lucid dreaming. 
  3. Discover your own dream world through dream journalling and lucid dreaming.
  4. Explore ways of working with dreams to promote growth and self-transcendence.

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. Come and study purely for personal interest and enrichment … and get the same level access as our postgraduate students who will be studying alongside you!

Before each course begins you will be provided with a Course Outline which will list the reading materials, time-lines, and any activities required as part of the course.

This course features 2 discussion forums, experiential activities and several live webinars.

Course tutor

Tadas Stumbrys

Tadas Stumbrys, PhD

Lucid dream researcher, Assistant Director for Research at Alef Trust, Associate Professor of Psychology at Vilnius University.

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