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Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy

Explore historical and contemporary influences of transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling and consider how such approaches inform current psychotherapeutic understanding and practice.

Start date: February 2023. Length of study: 10 weeks. Tuition: £425

Through a transpersonal lens, Transpersonal Counselling and Psychotherapy will include exploring practitioner awareness and sensibility, ethical and professional considerations, how context influences practice and the challenges faced, transpersonal perspectives and supervision, and ‘care of the soul’ in terms of practitioner care and wellbeing.

Consideration will be given to the types of transpersonal experiences and aspirations for growth and healing that might arise within a therapeutic setting, including transformative experiences that can be inspirational, expansive, and numinous, but also challenging in terms of where spiritual ‘emergence’ intensifies to the point of becoming an emergency, and what might help to alleviate and facilitate such experiences, or when the darker side of spirituality manifests in terms of manipulation and abuses of power and the impact this might have.

The course will provide opportunities to explore a range of techniques and exercises relevant to transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling, the therapeutic use of presence and the relevance of connectedness, and therapy as a facilitator of integration, wholeness and the search for meaning. Many of the areas explored are relevant on an individual, group and global scale, and this will also be considered in terms of crises, integration and healing.

Whether wishing to explore how transpersonal psychotherapy and counselling theory and techniques might be integrated into practice, if already trained as a therapist, or consider how transpersonal perspectives might inform understanding and involvement in wider contexts, this course will encourage creative and critical engagement with the material covered in order to gain a deeper understanding of its relevance to each students’ unique situation, interests, and transformative journey.


Accordion Content
    1. Develop an understanding of transpersonal perspectives and developments within psychotherapy and counselling and consider current influences on therapeutic practice
    2. Explore a range of techniques and practices used within psychotherapeutic practice which evolved from transpersonal concepts and experiences
    3. Consider ethical and professional issues relating to applying transpersonal principles and practices within a variety of contexts
    4. Discuss your own approach to practice with peers and the course tutor and explore how transpersonal perspectives might enhance personal development and be integrated into wider interests and engagement
    5. Join live webinars and combine academic discussion with experiential reflections

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. Come and study purely for personal interest and enrichment … and get the same level access as our postgraduate students who will be studying alongside you!

Before each course begins you will be provided with a Course Outline which will list the reading materials, time-lines, and any activities required as part of the course.

This course features 2 discussion forums, experiential activities and several live webinars.

Course leader

Gabriel Fernandez-Borsot Headshot

Gabriel Fernandez Borsot, PhD

Philosopher and transpersonal psychotherapist

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