PhD, MSc + Certificate Programmes

Professional certifications

Professional certificate programmes for professional and personal development which start annually in February.

The programmes and courses offered through Alef Trust are a response to the growing need to create sustainable and ethical development, social and ecological harmony and opportunities for individual growth and community transformation.

Our programmes and courses flourish through a culturally diverse, globally distributed student body.

Delivered by acclaimed instructors across a broad range of academic disciplines, research backgrounds and wellness philosophies.

Transpersonal Coaching Psychology – TCP Certified Coach

A certified professional transpersonal coaching psychology coach uses a holistic and integrative approach to support their client growth and transformation.

Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology

Interest in plant medicines and altered states for therapy and wellbeing has grown significantly in recent years. Research within the context of transpersonal psychology is burgeoning.

This certificate caters for therapists and other clinicians, psychologists, researchers and academics, as well the interested lay public. 

"This is more than a course, it's a transformation"

Christine Miskelly

“It was interesting to be presented with such a rich array of ideas and to begin to see how they related to each other and made sense.

The community has been great. There is a very generous warm culture which is set by Les Lancaster and Jessica Bockler.

But I think that everyone who comes into it has a generosity of spirit which is really lovely. There is a sense of a deeper learning.

You can’t always put your finger on it, but it has lead me to a deeper appreciation of my life.

There is also the notion of potential. What might we be able to achieve? Perhaps not in the standard sense, but in deeper and different ways.”

| Christine Miskelly

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