Nurturing the Fields of Change

This report presents the results from an inquiry into the living dynamics of holistic change facilitation. Over the course of two years (2020-2021) we journeyed with thirteen holistic change facilitators who were part of our Conscious Community initiative and who were facilitating projects worldwide. The inquiry brought to light how holistic change facilitators approach their work, what challenges they can encounter, and what support they need to successfully navigate projects through complex emotional and relational terrain.

We hope that this report will serve to resource all working as agents of change and spark a deeper sense of recognition that you are not alone, that your work matters and that you matter.

We are delighted to introduce our new programme and community of practice that has emerged from the initial iteration of the Conscious Community Initiative, as presented in this report. Nurturing the Fields of Change Programme will run from February – December 2023 – follow this link for further information

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