Johnny Stork

Johnny Stork, MSc

Infrastructure Manager

In his role as Infrastructure Manager, Johnny is responsible for the research, architecture, development, implementation and maintenance of policies, processes, equipment, software, communications, data and security needs to ensure the long-term, reliable and overall success of Alef Trust educational services. Through the implementation and maintenance of all information systems, technologies, communication tools, learning management systems, data storage, mobile and remote access as well as all security and privacy requirements as regulated by international and regional (GDPR) laws, his primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the Alef Trust organization’s technical and information systems, as well as the delivery of online learning services and programmes for our globally distributed faculty, students and support staff. Johnny has over 30 years experience in a broad range of business, educational, Internet, network, research and analytical technologies, Linux, Windows, open-source software and database systems.

Johnny’s secondary responsibility is that of Content Manager responsible for the written voice for all aspects of Alef Trust’s online web and social-media presence. In addition to managing the technical aspects of our online presence and website, Johnny also assists with writing or editing online content, creating promotional material & mailing lists, developing programme & course announcements as well as creating multimedia content and knowledge-based articles on the topics of consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology. Johnny’s additional role is to utilize suitable SEO techniques, monitor and optimize web site performance, develop adword campaigns and implement analytics as well as social-media marketing strategies to promote the programmes and courses offered through Alef Trust and to encourage the development of our online learning communities and the field of transpersonal psychology in general.

Johnny is also an Alumni of our Master’s programme in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology. His interests are in the areas of Eastern philosophy, mindfulness/meditation, spiritual awakening, the intersection of technology and well-being and the potential of psychedelics and other plant-medicines for psychological health, well-being, creativity and psycho-spiritual growth. Along with a Master’s in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology from Alef Trust, Johnny has a Post Graduate Certificate in Transpersonal Studies from Sofia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Neuropsychology and Applied Statistics from Simon Fraser University. Johnny has also completed a Mindful Habit Coach certification program and numerous technology and business certifications or experience in database development, technical writing, Linux and open-source software. Johnny is always on the lookout for opportunities to apply his education, experience and passion for research, writing and technology towards the delivery of science and wisdom which will improve people’s personal lives, professional career’s or foster social harmony.