Kendra-Diaz Ford

Kendra Diaz-Ford, PhD


Kendra Diaz-Ford is a transpersonal research psychologist, spiritual guide, and yoga teacher. She earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) with specializations in Education and Research, Spiritual Guidance and Women’s Spirituality. She’s taught as adjunct faculty at both Sofia University and the California Institute of Integral Studies and co-authored the book chapter “Feminist and Cultural Contributions in Transpersonal Psychology.”

As a spiritual guide, Kendra weaves together the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation with the science of psychology and leadership studies to support clients in alchemizing their biggest challenges into their greatest gifts. She leads yoga and meditation workshops as well as annual retreats in the United States and in Spain. Her research interests include women’s spiritual development, women’s health, authentic leadership, and exploring the intersections of transpersonal psychology and spiritualized feminism through the lens of the sacred feminine.

In her role as Personal Tutor and Academic Learning Specialist, she’s committed to supporting scholarly excellence and guiding learners to connect deeply into their innate wisdom and individual gifts to grow, personally, spirituality, and professionally.