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Active research for social change

Over the summer, we connected with colleagues active in research for social change in the Social Field Research Summer School hosted by the Presencing Institute which facilitates research platforms at the intersection of science, consciousness, and social change. During the event the need to evolve and advocate for sophisticated research methods which can illuminate the deeper dynamics at play in social change became strongly apparent.

Eurotas 2019: Being human in a world in transition

The 20th Annual European Transpersonal Association (Eurotas) Conference touched down in Paris from the 25th-29th September, bringing together transpersonal specialists from the fields of psychology, research, spirituality, art, philosophy, ecology and related disciplines. Its packed agenda included presentations, workshops, off-spaces, early morning activities and an evening of Brazilian live music that kept the dance-floor heaving until late. 

Alef Applied: Creative Alternatives

Creative Alternatives is an arts and health programme led by the Alef Trust to support adults experiencing stress, depression and anxiety – some of the most prevalent mental health conditions of our time.

Alef Trust - Alumni Series - Lorraine Clewer

Revealing Spirit: Healing, Growth and Transformation in the Wake of Abuse. Lorraine Clewer

In her ground breaking intuitive inquiry into the psycho-spiritual impact of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) on adult women, transpersonal psychologist Jacqueline Linder (2014) described how CSA can affect a woman’s body, heart, mind, and soul for many years after she experiences the initial trauma.  Indeed, survivors of this type of primal wounding frequently experience decades of chronic shame, self-loathing, and contamination of their identity, and may also develop patterns of dissociating from their bodies in order to escape their worst moments of psychological and somatic pain (Linder, 2014).

Alef Applied: Introducing Creative Alternatives

As you know, the Alef Trust delivers postgraduate education in the areas of consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology. It is perhaps less known that we also lead and support applied projects, tackling some of the major challenges of our time. Creative Alternatives is an arts and health

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