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August Conferences: The Transpersonal Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society (BPS)& Breaking Convention

During this essay, I will discuss the potential of transformation through crisis. Reflecting on my own experience, I will examine the relationship between psychological turmoil and sudden awakening, exploring whether crisis is a symptom or catalyst for self-realization—or both. According to researchers, Steve Taylor and Egeto-Szabo (2017), the term awakening refers to an expansion or opening of awareness where our perceptions, ways of being, and vision of the world are transformed. This brings a new sense of harmony, meaning, clarity, and connection.

Jules DeVitto - Alef Trust

Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling Rooted in Traditions

Within this essay, I argue for the added value of transpersonal psychotherapies that are rooted in spiritual traditions, and I also consider the importance of psychotherapy and counselling for individuals engaging in contemporary spiritual practices outside of spiritual traditions. I draw on examples of transpersonal therapies that are based on practices found especially within Eastern spiritual traditions, which I propose support a balanced approach to whole person development. I base my understanding on the premise that transpersonal psychotherapy aligns with the beliefs of mystical and spiritual traditions, and consists of the common goal of moving towards wholeness or a higher Self.

Alef Trust - Alumni Series - Jevon Dangeli

Open Awareness – The Game Changer. Jevon Dängeli

In this essay I will introduce the skill and practice of open awareness, outlining the phenomenology that is associated with this distinct state and mode of perception. I will describe how it can be used to counteract the serious issues that are associated with its counterpart, tunnel awareness, which is always present in the trigger events that lead to stress, anxiety, performance issues and burnout. The work will also address how open awareness skills can help to resolve the escalating problems that are associated with excessive use of mobile digital media devices, resulting in a generation of digital zombies.

Alef Trust - Alumni Series - Johnny Stork

Why Transpersonal Psychology is in Demand

The time could not be better, more auspicious, than right now to pursue an education or career in transpersonal psychology and transpersonal principles. Cultural, academic, scientific and even political shifts are taking place around the world in the areas of spirituality, happiness & well-being, holistic or integrative medicine, consciousness, the merging of science and spirituality and the recent explosive growth of interest into the therapeutic, psychological, spiritual and transformational potential of psychedelics (The Third Wave), are all converging with, or increasing the relevance of, the field of transpersonal psychology.

Alef Trust - Alumni Series - Chantal le Roux

The Interplay Between the Unconscious and Conscious – and Why It Matters

In order to grasp the nature of consciousness, the scope of exploration needs to include our experience of everyday reality and the material realm, as well as the realm of the unconscious and the dynamic forces that are hidden from—yet fundamental to—consciousness. This essay explores various theories that explain the dynamics between the “outer” world, the “inner” realm and consciousness. This exploration may serve to better understand ourselves and the influences that affect our perception and behaviour. Carl Jung, from a psychoanalytical starting point, and Wolfgang Pauli, from a background in quantum physics, demonstrated the ways in which these seemingly distinct paradigms in fact frame a spectrum of various models of the nature of reality and our understanding of consciousness (Main, 2014).

Dagmar Suissa - Alef Trust - Beyond The Brain

A Journey of Transformation Through Learning

On November 3, 2018, Dagmar Suissa, MSc presented A Journey of Transformation through Learning at the Beyond the Brain conference in London, UK. Ms Suissa’s research originated from her observation that there was limited research on how transformation occurs through academic online learning. Additionally, as Ms Suissa experienced her own inner transformational process as she went through Alef Trust’s MSc course in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology, she wondered if her fellow students in the MSc programme were also experiencing a similar transformation.

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