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Anne Maija Huffman, PhD


Anne Huffman is a transpersonal research psychologist, spiritual guide, and former pediatric nurse. She earned her PhD from Sofia University, formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, specializing in spiritual guidance, thanatology, generational research, and transformative teaching and learning.

Anne’s professional experience prior to graduate school was grounded in the helping profession of paediatrics and pediatric critical care nursing. Clinical research with medical devices followed. A desire to change careers led to the pursuit of a counselling psychology degree. This led to a deep appreciation for research and theory which became part of her doctoral work and then post-doctoral fellowship in transpersonal psychology.

Collaborative work to create a new spiritual guidance program, grow a private spiritual guidance practice, as well as supervision skills added to Anne’s professional skill set. Teaching on site and online deepened her commitment to help students access their own potential and grow into their own wisdom and scholarship.

Anne’s research interests include qualitative research methods, spirituality, psychology, transpersonal studies, culture, LGBT studies, thanatology, and generational research. She teaches both online and in-person. She has a passion for online education, lifelong learning, and deep inquiry, especially from a narrative tradition.

She has also co-authored the book chapter entitled Feminist and Cultural Contributions in Transpersonal Psychology in The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology and authored a book chapter, A Constructed Category: Baby Boomers Navigating Aging Through Spirituality and the Media in Practical Spiritualties in a Media Age.

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