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Steven Schmitz holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. His doctoral research was on “The Therapeutic Use of the Shamanic Journey.” Steven has a private practice in Shamanic Counselling, Transpersonal Counselling, and Spiritual Guidance. He is an international teacher, lecturer, and workshop leader on topics of shamanism, transpersonal psychology, rituals, and healing. Dr. Schmitz is a faculty member at international transpersonal schools – Alef Trust (UK), Integral Transpersonal Institute (Italy), Latvian Transpersonal Educational Institute (Latvia), and Ubiquity University (USA). He also lectures at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Steven has taught graduate-level courses at California Institute of Integral Studies, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and Sofia University (USA). He has presented at several international conferences.

Dr. Schmitz was initiated into Shamanic Journeying and Zazen in 1974, and continues to find meaning in practicing both spiritual disciplines. He has been fortunate to study with teachers such as Angeles Arrien, Michael Harner, Sandra Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Barbara Tedlock, Caitlin Matthews, Jakusho Kwong-roshi, and Don Humberto Soncco. Steven is a permanent Minister Member with the Circle of the Sacred Earth, Inc. He also has training in Gestalt Therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy, Family Therapy, and Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy (by Dr. James Bugental).

Dr. Schmitz is a former President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP), a former Board Officer of the European Transpersonal Association (Eurotas), and a Founding Board Member of the International Q’eros Foundation (IQF). He is currently a Board Member and Outreach Committee Chair of ATP.

His research interests include therapeutic benefits of Shamanic Counseling, healing aspects of Soul Retrieval, value of Elders, and history of Transpersonal Psychology. He enjoys walking in the wilderness, ceremonial drumming, alchemical cooking, helping people create sacred spaces, and gardening in his Sanctuary Garden.

Research interests

Steven’s current research interests include the therapeutic benefits of Shamanic Counselling and Soul Retrieval. He is collecting and analysing case studies of clients who are initiated into and practicing shamanic journeying to heal their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues. He is also looking at how shamanic practice can empower people and enhance their well-being and overall mental health. He is also collecting and analysing cases studies of his clients working with Soul Retrieval.

His work in Shamanism has helped him to recognize the healing value of community. From an indigenous perspective, one of the benefits of community, is the value of Elders. This value is seen not only for our ancestral Elders, it is also true for our living Elders. In our modern Western Society Elders are often undervalued, disrespected, and cast aside. Steven currently is researching the topic of valuing Elders.

As a current Board Member of The Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Steven is passionate about the benefits and powerful transformative value of transpersonal education, research, and practice. His is currently researching the various sources of the History of Transpersonal Psychology, and is also developing a journal article and a graduate-level course on this subject.

Key publications

Schmitz, S. (2014). Transpersonal studies – what’s next? Integral Transpersonal Journal, 5, 49-61.

Schmitz, S. (2013). Can the transpersonal be researched? Can research be transpersonal? Integral Transpersonal Journal, 4, 10-14.

Schmitz, S. (2012). Supporting transpersonal psychology: a call for action. Integral Transpersonal Journal, 2, 6-8.

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