MSc course module

Transpersonal Psychology

Examine the core epistemological and philosophical issues underlying a transpersonal approach to human psychology.

Transpersonal psychology (TP) studies phenomena beyond the ego and their transformative and healing potential. Adopting the perspective that the human being is intimately interconnected to the cosmos in many ways, TP acknowledges the relevance and value of spiritual, mystical, and other exceptional human experiences.

This course examines the core epistemological and philosophical issues underlying a transpersonal approach to human psychology, and covers the major theoretical orientations in the field, reviewing the models they propose to understand these experiences and situate them in the larger context of human transformation and spiritual development.

Transpersonal theories are inherently cross-disciplinary and often cross-cultural, attempting to integrate insights developed by the world’s great spiritual traditions and non-Western cultures with the knowledge generated by the Western approach to psychology. Transpersonal models are developed with critical discernment in order to respect the multiple epistemologies that they aim to integrate.

The course also covers other complementary topics which reflect the growing edges of TP as a vibrant and multifaceted field. These include feminist perspectives within transpersonal studies, discussions about what approaches to science most effectively support research into transpersonal phenomena, a transpersonal approach to engaged spirituality, and transpersonal perspectives on technology.


Accordion Content
    1. Deepen your insight into body, mind and spirit, exploring a variety of transpersonal perspectives through video lectures, forums and interactive webinars
    2. Explore holistic approaches to human development and growth, which acknowledge the validity and relevance of our ancient wisdom traditions – integrating Eastern and Western philosophies and practices
    3. Discuss with peers and the course tutor how a transpersonal perspective can benefit your professional practice in diverse contexts – from counselling and psychotherapy, to education, health and social care, coaching, and business management

Course Leader and Tutor Team

Gabriel Fernandez-Borsot Headshot

Gabriel Fernandez-Borsot, PhD

Transpersonal psychotherapist and researcher, philosopher and musician.

Ellis Linders

Ellis Linders, PhD

Ellis Linders is a researcher specializing in transpersonal engagement and transformation in contemporary spirituality.

Scott Buckler, PhD

Scott has an extensive career in mainstream education and has worked at several universities since 2002, teaching education studies, psychology, and research methods. 

Lila Moore, PhD

Lila Moore, PhD is a lecturer, theorist, film-maker and mixed reality artist specialising in the fields of Technoetic Arts.

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