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Transpersonal Psychology

Examine the core epistemological and philosophical issues underlying a transpersonal approach to human psychology.

Explore major theoretical developments within, and closely related to, transpersonal psychology, and examine in greater detail several conceptual details within the field.

Transpersonal models are inherently cross-disciplinary and often cross-cultural, attempting to arrive at more satisfying models of mind developed through the challenge of creating models that account for not only cognitive and neuroscientific data, but also insights developed by the world’s great spiritual traditions.

At the same time, this more integral approach requires greater critical discernment, so that findings from one discipline, tradition, or culture, are not misappropriated when employed in more integrative contexts. Transpersonal psychology is thus an exercise in developing a critical yet more inclusive psychology that is capable of explaining both mundane and transformative processes of the psyche.


Accordion Content
    1. Deepen your insight into body, mind and spirit, exploring a variety of transpersonal perspectives through video lectures, forums and interactive webinars
    2. Explore holistic approaches to human development and growth, which acknowledge the validity and relevance of our ancient wisdom traditions – integrating Eastern and Western philosophies and practices
    3. Discuss with peers and the course tutor how a transpersonal perspective can benefit your professional practice in diverse contexts – from counselling and psychotherapy, to education, health and social care, coaching, and business management

Course leaders

Kendra-Diaz Ford

Kendra Diaz-Ford, PhD

Transpersonal research psychologist, spiritual guide, and yoga teacher.

Alef Trust - Anne Huffman

Anne Maija Huffman, PhD

Transpersonal research psychologist, spiritual guide, and former pediatric nurse.

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