MSc course module

Transpersonal Dreaming

Explore transpersonal dimensions of dreaming, drawing on scientifically grounded theories and empirical findings in dream research, as well as historical and spiritual traditions.

  • To what extent does scientific research into dreaming support traditional, spiritual and mystical views of the importance of our dreams?
  • How have extraordinary and transformative dreams shaped human history?
  • Can the dream state facilitate psi phenomena?
  • What are the transpersonal dimensions of dreaming that the study and practice of lucid dreaming opens us to?

Examine how our dreams relate to our waking life and how they can bring inspiration and even transform us. We consider paranormal dreams – precognitive, telepathic, and mutual dreams – weighing the evidence as to whether they may go beyond the normal constraints of time and space.

A specific topic of interest is lucid dreaming – the ability to become aware of dreaming – on which Dr Stumbrys’ extensive research has been focused.


Accordion Content
  1. Examine the most recent scientific theories of dreaming, and discuss in live webinars and interactive forums their implications for transpersonal psychology
  2. Learn techniques to develop the skill of dreaming lucidly
  3. Explore ways of working with dreams to promote growth and self-transcendence

Course leader

Tadas Stumbrys

Tadas Stumbrys, PhD

Tadas has a PhD in Sports Science from Heidelberg University in Germany where he conducted research on applications of lucid dreams in sports.

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