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Participatory community projects

The Alef Trust aims to promote holistic frameworks for human growth and flourishing, nurturing the development of individuals and communities in the UK and abroad. Alongside our educational work, we support and deliver projects facilitating community development, social integration, and health and wellbeing. 

We are passionate about supporting people who find themselves at the edges of society, providing them with opportunities to rebuild meaningful lives underpinned by a deeper sense of purpose and vision for how they can contribute to the development and growth of our communities and culture.

Creative Alternatives

The Alef Trust manages Creative Alternatives, an award-winning ‘arts on prescription’ service for adults experiencing anxiety, stress and depression.

Programmes and events

Alef Trust hosts public programmes and events to support its mission to promote holistic frameworks for human growth.

Conscious Community Project

The Consciousness Community Project aims to build a community of change-makers who nurture individual and systemic transformation around the world.

Kabbalistic Movements

The Kabbalistic embodied movement project seeks to create approaches to esoteric practice which resonate with contemporary concerns and pathways to embodied spirituality.

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