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Multidimensional Trauma and Transformation

Explore multidimensional applications for the transformation of individual, transgenerational, and ecological trauma, drawing on clinical, transpersonal, indigenous and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy  approaches and research.

Rooted in an inclusive approach to the development of the human person, Multidimensional Trauma and Transformation integrates, in its wholeness, social, communal, economic, political, individual, collective, spiritual, and ecological factors. It also includes levels such as somatic, emotional, intellectual, creative, relationship, pre- and perinatal stages, birth and dying, life-span-development, transgenerational, transcultural, states of consciousness, and a Divine Feminine deep ecology perspective. Inclusive theories posit that there are ego-transcendent states of consciousness involving experiences of connectedness beyond the ego.

The goal of such an approach is to support the client’s innate capacity to restore the mind-body-spirit-balance and eventually wholeness, including such dimensions as interpersonal relationships and relationships with nature, the cosmos, culture and the community. C. G. Jung called the cultural complex of our modern Western civilization ‘a dissociative disorder’, in which our human nature separates us from primordial Nature and Nature as a whole.

Entering altered states of consciousness may be beneficial for reviving our archaic knowledge and integrating it into our modern mind. Consciousness-expanding practices, including the application of entheogens and psychedelics, have been used for thousands of years in ritualistic applications by cultures around the world to enhance psychospiritual development, healing and well-being towards wholeness.

Practical tools from clinical, somatic, transpersonal, and indigenous psychology and psychedelic science will be shared alongside different settings of application for the treatment of individual, collective and transgenerational, and ecological trauma. Consideration will also be given to how such an approach can be integrated into the student’s personal and professional life in the form of concrete actions to support consciousness evolution, social change and community building – from egoism to earthism – as a form of peaceful transpersonal activism.


Accordion Content
    1. Explore integrative, holistic approaches to the multidimensionality of trauma and recovery.
    2. Investigate consciousness-expanding practices and their role in human psychospiritual development, healing and flourishing.
    3. Discover practical tools for trauma healing, drawn from clinical, somatic, transpersonal, indigenous psychologies, and psychedelic science.
    4. Discuss application of practice with tutor and peers – whether you work in therapy, social change or community building – as form of peaceful transpersonal activism!

Course leader

Regina Hess

Regina U. Hess, PhD

Clinical psychologist, body-centred Gestalt psychotherapist, creative therapist, and transpersonal psychotherapist.

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