MSc course module

Creativity and Transformation

Explore the nature of creativity and its relationship to human development and growth.


In this option, we explore the nature of creativity and its relationship to human development and growth, as well as its relevance for social change. The evolving crises of our time call for inner and outer changes in our ways of being and doing. In Together, we consider how we can draw on our creativity to enable and support generative change processes in ourselves and in those we work with. 


We begin by exploring the nature of creativity, tapping cross-disciplinary literature on theatre, the arts, play, embodied artistry, and liminal states.  

We then dive deeper and explore the psychosomatic dimensions of creativity, discussing how and why being creative can be beneficial for wellbeing and health. We explore the various arts & health approaches available today. We also examine why highly creative people may be more prone to experiencing certain kinds of psychopathology. Doing so, we consider Jungian and post-Jungian theory on Active Imagination, dreaming, and embodiment. 

Lastly, we explore creativity through the lens of several contemporary performance practitioners who sit at the intersection between theatre as entertainment and theatre as spiritual practice, exploring ritual, altered states of consciousness and creative practice as presencing to wisdom and higher intelligence.

The option features a three-week commitment to creative practice, during which you will make your own plan to play and experiment, trying experiential exercises from a range of media (e.g. creative writing, expressive sketching, and spontaneous work with movement and voice). This happens at your own pace, allowing for intellectual as well as embodied and imaginal exploration of the topics.

Accordion Content
  1. Play with a range of guided expressive arts exercises, meditating, drawing, moving, and writing – all in your own time. 
  2. Plan & enact a three-week creative experiment, combining a range of practices to nurture your own sense of wellbeing and purpose. Report back to share reflections with peers. 
  3. Explore the latest research into creativity and its transformative potential.
  4. Join forums and live webinars, combining discussion and experiential work to deepen your understanding of creative practices and their transformative potential.
  5. Explore and discuss the risks and ethics of creative practice – how to create safe play spaces for people in varied contexts. 
  6. Explore how you can draw on creative practices, enhancing your work with diverse client groups in social care, sustainability, health, education, and professional development.

Option tutor

Jessica Bockler - Alef Trust

Jessica Bockler, PhD

Founding Director

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