Sacred Science Circle

Honouring the sacred in research

In our mission to promote the advancement of knowledge in the core areas of consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology, the Alef Trust is aligned with the aims of the Sacred Science Circle.

The Circle supports a “21st century paradigm shift from a detached, positivistic science to a new scientific paradigm that values engagement with the Sacred and the historical and indigenous Wisdoms Traditions worldwide” (extract from SSC website). This paradigm shift is central to all aspects of our work in the Alef Trust, whether it be in our postgraduate programmes, our role in perpetuating wisdom traditions, or in our health-related work.

We believe that honouring the sacred, and aspiring to facilitate beneficial transformation in the researcher, in others involved in the research process, and in society more generally must be values firmly held at the heart of the scholarly quest for knowledge. These are the values promoted through the work of the Sacred Science Circle, and the core team of the Alef Trust is pleased to be associated with this work.

The partnership is consolidated through the role of one of our founding Directors, Les Lancaster, who is a co-director of the Sacred Science Circle, working alongside Rosemarie Anderson, his fellow co-director.

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