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Kendra Ford, PhD

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Kendra Ford is a transpersonal research psychologist, yoga teacher and certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach. She earned her PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology) with specializations in Education and Research, Spiritual Guidance and Women’s Spirituality, and has taught in the field of transpersonal psychology for 10 years. Before joining the leadership team at Alef Trust she was Director and Core Faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Integral and Transpersonal Psychology department.

At Alef Trust Kendra is principally responsible for monitoring student progression. She also plays a central role in providing students of different learning styles and abilities with holistic academic skill development and support. Throughout the programme, Kendra provides students with assistance, guidance, and resources related to academic skills, enabling students to be successful in their studies. She is there to address common learning challenges and implement support programming to assist students in improving their academic skills.

Research interests

Kendra’s research interests include women’s psychospiritual development, postpartum integration, integrative practice and leadership, embodied ways of knowing, and the intersections of transpersonal psychology with spiritualized feminism through the lens of the sacred feminine. Lastly, her teaching and work is also influenced by the interdisciplinary fields of somatics, feminist theory/thought, yogic studies, including personal engagement in esoteric practices, Ayurvedic studies, and embodied transformative teaching and learning.

Key publications

Brooks, C., Ford, K., & Huffman, A. (2013). Feminist and cultural contributions to transpersonal psychology. In H. L. Friedman & G. Hartelius (Eds.), The Wiley Blackwell handbook of transpersonal psychology (pp. 612-625). John Wiley & Sons.

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