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Shamanistic Psychology

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition known to humankind and continues to be relevant to our contemporary world.

Start date: February 2023. Length of study: 10 weeks. Tuition: £425

Shamanism persists because it is practical and it works. Shamans have developed and used technologies (knowledge, tools, skills, and expertise) for shifting consciousness and for transformation.

These ancient technologies can be integrated with modern psychology to help us understand and facilitate healing of modern illness, alienation, dispiritedness, and dysfunction. This course will explore the practice of shamanism through the perspectives of Transpersonal Psychology and the practical lense of a Shamanic Practitioner.


Accordion Content
  1. Develop a deeper understanding of the shamanic paradigm: the cultural differences, healing practices, initiation, the shadow side, research, and psychological dynamics of shamanism
  2. Become familiar with the basic principles and methods of shamanic practice
  3. Understand the shamanic perspective on illness and healing
  4. Explore and experience the shamanic journey
  5. Encourage critical thinking with regards to the topic of shamanism
  6. Discuss your own ideas about shamanistic psychology with peers and the course tutor on interactive forums
  7. Join several live webinars, combining academic discussion with reflections on your own journeying experience

There are no formal entry requirements to join this course. Come and study purely for personal interest and enrichment … and get the same level access as our postgraduate students who will be studying alongside you!

Before each course begins you will be provided with a Course Outline which will list the reading materials, time-lines, and any activities required as part of the course.

This course features 2 discussion forums, experiential activities and several live webinars.

Course leader

Steven Schmitz

Dr. Steven Schmitz

adjunct professor in the Sofia University – California, USA – Global PhD Program, and teaches at transpersonal institutes in Italy, Switzerland, and Estonia.

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