Jules De Vitto

Jules De Vitto, MAEd, MSc

Certified Transpersonal Coach and Educator

Email: julesdevitto@aleftrust.org

Website: highlysensitivehumans.com


Jules De Vitto has a BSc in Psychology from Nottingham Trent University (2007), MA in Education (2014) from Nottingham University, and MSc in Transpersonal Psychology, Consciousness and Spirituality (2019) from Middlesex University. She is an accredited and certified Transpersonal Coach (2018) by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors, as well as an experienced teacher and educator. She works as a tutor on the one-year Transpersonal Coaching Psychology Certificate Programme at Alef Trust which explores the science, art and practice of transpersonal coaching psychology. She is also the founder of the Highly Sensitive Human Academy – a central hub that offers courses, coaching, articles and a podcast for Highly Sensitive People. She runs an online professional and certified training programme on how to coach and empower Highly Sensitive People. Jules also works at a mindfulness based wellness centre in Portugal which offers a holistic and integrative approach for reducing stress, healing from burnout and finding help with anxiety.

Research interests

Jules’ academic interests are focussed on Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) otherwise referred to as High Sensitivity. She is especially interested in how the modality of transpersonal coaching is supportive of those who identify as highly sensitive. She also has a passion for exploring transpersonal coaching approaches for supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children.

Key publications

De Vitto, J. (2021). Reiki practitioners’ experiences of self-healing and transformation: An intuitive inquiry. Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 2, 1-15. https://doi.org/10.53074/cstp.2021.18

De Vitto, J. (2020). Resilience: Navigating Loss in a Time of Crisis. Changemakers Books.

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