Lila Moore

Lila Moore, PhD


Lila Moore, PhD is a lecturer, theorist, film-maker and mixed reality artist specialising in the field of Technoetic Arts.

She formulated a theory of Cybernetic Futures, published in her article: The Shaman of Cybernetic Futures: Art, Ritual and Transcendence in Fields of the Networked Mind, as part of her post-doctorate at the Planetary Collegium of Plymouth University.

The concept involves digital learning environments based on holistic principles and second-order cybernetics. Lila has been practising this notion in her online teaching and creative activities to encourage compassionate learning context, trigger communitas and innovation amongst learners, and counteract the narrative of violence.

Lila holds a practice-based PhD from Middlesex University in the interdisciplinary context of Screen Dance, experimental film, modern art, performance and expressive therapies.

She teaches courses on the intersection of cinema, media and the arts, cultural theories, contemporary spirituality and mysticism at the Department of Mysticism and Spirituality at Zefat Academic College. Lila articulates her exploration of consciousness in her writings, mixed reality and digital artworks, e.g., Techno-Spiritual Horizons.

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