Melody Cranbourne-Rosser

Melody Cranbourne-Rosser, PsyD


Melody Cranbourne-Rosser, PsyD is a registered applied psychologist who has worked within the realms of psychotherapy and education for many years, undertaking therapy, supervision and coordination roles relating to working with children, young people and adults.

In addition to her involvement with the Alef Trust community, she works as a highly specialist practitioner psychologist for a local university health board, visiting lecturer for a university based in Wales where she teaches on a professional doctorate in psychology and postgraduate counselling and psychotherapy courses, and clinical supervisor/consultant for a service specialising in working with children and young people with complex trauma histories.

She has been an active member of various professional bodies for a number of years, including nearly seven years on the executive committee of BACP Spirituality, where she was also Chair from 2013-2016, founder and lead for the BPS DCoP Spirituality Special Interest Group, founder of Soul Psychology (Transpersonal and Esoteric Psychology Network), and committee member of BPS DCoPW. She authored a book chapter entitled, The Place of Spirituality in Health and Social Care Practice, in Clouston, T.J., Westcott, L., and Whitcombe, S. (Eds) (2018) Transitions to Practice: Essential concepts for health and social care practitioners. UK: M&K Publishing, and has contributed to various publications and conferences in relation to her professional roles and interests.

Melody’s overarching theoretical orientation is transpersonal/integrative and she has undertaken training in transpersonal psychology/psychosynthesis, systemic practice, and creative arts therapies. Research interests include the role of presence when working with trauma, spirituality and mental health, spirituality and supervision, and practitioner development and wellbeing.

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