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Scott Buckler, PhD


Scott has an extensive career in mainstream education and has worked at several universities since 2002, teaching education studies, psychology, and research methods. He has an MSc in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology (LJMU) and a MEd in Child Development from the (Open University). He is also a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Society) and Chartered Teacher (Chartered College of Teaching).

Scott’s interdisciplinary PhD (Coventry University) was awarded in psychology and anthropology, exploring the transpersonal effects of training in the martial arts. He has trained in martial arts since 1981, specifically Wing Chun where he is a third generation Ip Man student and instructor. From this, he has developed the ‘Mindful Movement Practice’, a martial arts-inspired movement programme as a way of enhancing student self-esteem in schools.

His transpersonal research areas primarily consist of integrating transpersonal psychology within the compulsory school sector through developing the area of transpersonal education; furthering research into Maslow’s concept of self-transformation through the plateau experience; exploring various Daoist practises; and investigating the transpersonal effects from engaging with fraternal organisations and spiritual orders.

Scott is a widely published author in psychology, education, and research. For more information, please visit: 

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