Nurturing the Fields of Change Programme


Terms and Conditions

In line with UK GDPR legislation, the details you provide will remain secure and confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our organisation without your prior consent, unless it is deemed there is an immediate risk to your own safety or the safety of others. For full details please see our Alef Trust Privacy and Data Protection Policies.

By joining Nurturing the Fields of Change, you are confirming your agreement to the following:

  • I understand that my participation is subject to my acceptance of Alef Trust’s terms and conditions as outlined here.
  • I accept that if I do not fully comply with these requirements Alef Trust reserves the right to cancel my participation.
  • I agree Alef Trust may record and process my information form for statistical and administrative purposes in accordance with UK GDPR legislation.
  1. Alef Trust will use its reasonable endeavours to deliver the programme in accordance with the descriptions set out in its promotional materials. However, these materials are not intended, nor should they be considered, to contain definitive descriptions of all resources and facilities. 
  2. All participants will have access to the Nurturing the Fields of Change collaborative learning environment on the Sutra platform (  Alef Trust undertakes to make available the resources and support required to allow participants to undertake the proposed programme. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that they access this support and the resources as appropriate.
  3. Participants will be required to set up a free account with Sutra and will be added to the Nurturing the Fields of Change private circle. In the event of any inconsistencies with the Sutra platform, Alef Trust will liaise closely with Sutra support to resolve any difficulties. However, ultimate responsibility for technical problems with the platform rests with Sutra.
  4. Nurturing the Fields of Change is a closed and respectful community environment. The participant’s username and password is for the use of that participant only and must not be passed to any other person in any circumstance. Access is dependent upon the participant conducting themselves in a respectful and supportive manner to other members of the online community and group processes. Alef Trust reserves the right to withdraw the participation of any participant who does not fulfil these conditions. 
  5. Participants take full responsibility for their involvement, wellbeing and personal development. They commit to taking care of their emotional needs in appropriate and healthy ways, seeking counsel when needed. Participants understand that the role of programme facilitators is not to offer therapeutic support and that it is their responsibility to seek professional help if necessary.
  6. Alef Trust cannot take any responsibility for the results of participants’ actions. Please use judgement and act with due care when implementing any plan or practice both during and after this programme.  
  7. Participants understand that this programme does not confer qualification as a facilitator.
  8. Alef Trust will not be liable for any other loss claimed to be suffered by the participant as a result of a programme being discontinued.
  9. Participants have the right to cancel their participation on the programme within 14 calendar days of signing up. There is no requirement to provide reasons and payment will be fully refunded. 
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