Adi Vickers

PhD Student


Adi Vickers is an educator, teacher trainer, and curriculum designer. In 1993 she co-founded the Asana International school, a holistic language school in the southwest of Ireland. Apart from Ireland, she has also taught, and trained teachers in Italy, Spain, Laos and India.

PhD research

Her topic is about transpersonal education. The overarching purpose of this research is to explore the outcomes of implementing an Integrative Transpersonal Model (ITM) intervention to Asana International school (AIS). The key objectives are to evaluate outcomes of applying ITM to AIS, and explore the challenges,  barriers, and strategies in its implementation.  The research questions are: how can outcomes of applying ITM to AIS be evaluated? What are the challenges and barriers to its implementation? What are the possible strategies that could facilitate its implementation and subsequent embededdness in the culture of the organisation?

Using Integral Research (IR), an operationalised version of Wilber’s Integral Methodological Pluralism and Integral Transpersonal Inquiry as an integral informed mixed methods approach, Adi intends to evaluate the outcomes of the interventions used in a study employing multiple perspectives through statistical analysis, narrative and phenomenology. She aims to introduce ITM (Integrative Transpersonal Model) to three groups of participants in AIS: (1) 16 weeks with teachers of the school; (2) 16 weeks with administrative staff of the school; (3) 8 weeks with students (over the age of 16).


Vickers, A. (2023). Transpersonal teaching in the face of adversity: How can a teacher’s inner process work or innate qualities support creativity for a transformative online experience during COVID-19? Consciousness, Spirituality & Transpersonal Psychology, 4, 96–109.

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