Lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming for Healing and Spiritual Awakening?

In lucid dreaming the dreamers become conscious whilst they are dreaming. They are aware that they are in the midst of a dream, and some are also able to exert control over the content of the dream, shaping the environment and dream narrative at will.

What may be the benefits of lucid dreaming? Can we all become lucid dreamers? And can we utilise lucid dreams for enhancing our skills, for healing, even spiritual awakening?

Alef Trust faculty member Tadas Stumbrys and colleague Daniel Erlacher just published the results of their new study on the applications of lucid dreams in the International Journal of Dream Research.

To view this open-access paper click here.

Tadas comments “For what purposes do lucid dreamers use their lucid dreams and how this affects their mood after awakening? As in previous research, wish fulfilment came on top of the list (with the most positive effects on mood), but we have also explored some applications that were omitted in previous studies. For example, do you know that about 40% of lucid dreamers use their lucid dreams to heal themselves (either physically or psychologically) or to seek spiritual experiences? As our study shows, the more experienced lucid dreamers are, the more they are likely to use their lucid dreams for inner work. So, lucid dreams are not just about having fun, right, despite how good it feels after awakening?”

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