Al-Kindi, S. (2021). A phenomenological study: Experiences of synchronicity by universal consciousness channelers [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

Research suggests that synchronicity as a participatory experience requires further study in order to explore the transpersonal aspect rather than the psychological aspect of synchronistic experiences. This study is one of very few qualitative studies on synchronicity, and the focus is on the experience of synchronicity by channelers of ‘Universal Consciousness’. Individual semi-structured interviews were conducted with a total of seven Omani channelers who completed the 9-day level one retreat at Dira International in Oman, whose age ranged from 37 to 46. Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis was used to analyze data. Participant descriptions of synchronicity yielded a range of themes that displayed both positive and negative associations with synchronicity. Findings revealed that channelers of ‘Universal Consciousness’ have a wide range of personal and collective experiences of synchronicity, with a wide range of personal and collective impact. Results also showed that channelers tend to associate synchronicity with the self, the world, intuition, and channeling. Possible explanations for findings are discussed, including the strengths, limitations, and implications of this study. Recommendations for further research are outlined.

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