Branco, J. (2022). Psychedelic integration & transformation — Practices, guiding support & lifestyle for integrating non-clinical psychedelic experiences [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This research aimed to better understand the lived experience of those who have participated in psychedelic experiences, and inquire on how they have integrated that experience into everyday life. This study uses a qualitative transpersonal research method called intuitive inquiry, a unique methodology in that the researcher is able to draw on both intellect and intuition while moving through a 5 cycle hermeneutical process. The main focus of interest was the practices that nine participants developed or are still developing during their integration phase, and who is supports their journey. Further insights were brought forward into the underdeveloped understanding of psychedelic integration in non-clinical settings. Non-clinical include ayahuasca/mushrooms ceremonies, transformational/music festivals, curious participants experiencing psychedelics in their homes, and/or underground psychedelic-assisted therapies. The goal of integration is to merge the psychedelic experience with a person’s daily life in a way that helps them live a fuller life with less distress, and to maximize benefits while minimizing harms in an integral lifestyle context. As non-clinical psychedelic use increases and psychedelic-assisted therapy gains mainstream acceptance, it is critical that in order to maximize integration, an individual should have a myriad of practices that touch on physical, mental, emotional, interpersonal, and spiritual domains. This process should also be supported by a transpersonal support system helping facilitate an integration lifestyle.

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