Calleja, M. (2016). To what extent is martial arts a transformative and spiritual journey? [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

Drawing from the participants and personal experience, I explore the extent to which Martial Arts can be a transformative and spiritual journey. The emergence of new different styles creates a fine line between external and internal martial arts, some of which intertwine with one another. Most internal Martial Arts practice illustrates the body, mind and soul as intimately related with each other and with the cosmos, making the journey seen as a whole. The research project makes use of a heuristic inquiry – a process of internal search developed by Moustakas. In understanding the meaning of Martial Arts practice in others, I arrive at a deeper understanding of my practice and its relationship with my whole experience. Such an understanding, brings to light the intertwined concepts of intention, awareness and attitude as necessary paths in one’s transformative and spiritual journey. These new paths are a significant departure from one’s attachment to limited notions of who one really is, to a realisation of one’s larger nature. The whole heuristic process includes the findings as well as my ambitions, hopes and new visions which will be expressed at the end in a creative thoughtful way.

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