Dediu, A. (2023). Bridging the beyond: A phenomenological study of integrating spiritual emergencies [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This dissertation is a study of integrating spiritual emergency. The qualitative research method of transcendental phenomenology and semi-structured interviews were utilized to describe seven individuals’ lived experience of integration. This study specifically looks at healthy integration as participants were sought who found themselves to be in a more authentic, mature, and fulfilling state of life. What emerged conclusively were contexts for integration: the body, nature, safety; alongside the understanding that this is a lengthy phenomenon spanning decades. There was strong disdain for the western psychiatric model of pathology, in that it was viewed as a deterrent to integration. Through trust and surrender, participants experienced integration as healing, re-defining boundaries (physical and non-physical), and a discernment of the ‘right’ support. Integration was a lonely process for participants, which ultimately led them to finding belonging. Three phases are proposed for experiencers of spiritual emergency (self-regulation, integration, and balance). Integration is becoming a balanced, stable, grounded, and functional human being who can comfortably hold consensus reality and non-ordinary experiences. Study results add to the existent transpersonal theoretical literature and limited academic research on this phenomenon, for the benefit of clinicians and experiencers of spiritual emergency.

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