Dziekan, J. (2021). How can inner ‘wise woman’ support ‘a good girl’ on the quest toward wholeness in times of global crisis? An organic inquiry [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

The purpose of this Organic Inquiry is to explore the lived experiences of women who engaged in the so-called Inner Dialog, with the archetype of wisdom, to find support during times of global crisis. The literature describes an archetype of wisdom as a pre-existent form of the collective unconscious symbolising natural ways of knowing associated with inherent wisdom that is part of the feminine aspect of the Psyche. Eight in-depth interviews via Zoom were completed with middle-aged women who described themselves as Good Girls. They engaged in guided imagery to connect with the Wise Woman metaphor in their Psyche. The lens of the researcher’s reflexivity is employed to provide a more accurate representation of the participant’s perspective and voice. Various theories rooted in women’s psychology, archetypal and transpersonal psychology were applied to examine the data. The data analysis revealed that the women identifying as Good Girls resonated with the characteristics found in the literature. Furthermore, the results demonstrated that when the women engaged in active imagery, they embodied the dynamic structures of the inner feminine way of knowing. The implication of this research suggests that women connect with the archetype of wisdom that expands their frame of being and brings a sense of support that has the potential for integration with their intrapersonal and interpersonal, and transpersonal dimensions of life.

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