Jayne, T. (2018). Earth connection: An intuitive inquiry into the white Western woman’s direct experience of a relationship with the Earth [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

This study explores the emerging field of earth connection with the transpersonal research methodology, Intuitive Inquiry. 10 white Western women aged between 36 and 64 were interviewed and Thematic Content Analysis, conducted using QSR International’s NVivo 11 Qualitative Data Analysis Software, was used to identify the emerging themes within the data and to create descriptive summaries. The research finds that connecting to the earth may help us (a) process difficult emotions and experience more positive ones; (b) stay present and deal with life more effectively; (c) feel in control of changes in our lives; (d) realise that we need to give back to the earth for what it provides for us; (e) expand our sense of self to include a sense of a divine cycle of life and; (f) feel part of the earth as we develop a clearer sense of who we are on an individual level. These findings, and others that suggest a conscious process of connecting with the earth, are discussed in light of the current research on nature connectedness and transpersonal psychology.

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