Kleivaite, G. (2021). How to last? Heuristic inquiry into the role of love in the face of environmental disintegration [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

This research project set out to explore the role of love in co-creating a new ‘culture of care’ in the face of environmental disintegration. In this study, the researcher draws on her own direct experience of the purest love, which triggered an increase in self-understanding at a deeper level and gradually at a much larger eco-systemic context. This study also sought to contribute to the lack of current practical literature within climate adaptation activities, majority of which focuses on physical adaptation (Bendell, 2018). Dealing with these issues, however, also requires coming to terms with psychological, emotional and spiritual realities of the unfolding impact of climate emergency. Using Diamond Approach description of non-dual dimension which reveals the nature of reality as unconditional love, six co-researchers as well as a deep reflection of my own journey, this research project explored the deeper meaning of love, its value in our journey towards sustainable living, as well as identifying ways of honouring it in our daily lives which may assist us in navigating increasingly tumultuous times. My learning process during the research and writing of this thesis was observed in the context of the topic and is demonstrated following heuristic inquiry which allowed for direct involvement in considering our capacity to sustain life through the work of love.

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