Lallbeeharry, R. (2023). A case study exploration in the healing potential of the ancient practice of shamanic journeying on generational trauma with experienced journey practitioners [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This case study investigated the healing potential of the ancient technique of shamanic journeying on self-disclosed generational trauma with experienced journey practitioners. Currently, there are no studies on the exploration of the shamanic journey within the context of generation trauma. The aim of this study was to gain insight into the potential that the shamanic journey could offer in healing generational trauma. Current psychotherapeutic techniques that are used for healing trauma have risks of retraumatisation and treatment can last up to months and maybe years. Shamanic practices fundamentally treat trauma, and can be effective with one single journey session. Shamanic journeying is an ancient technique that involves entering an altered state of consciousness to access spiritual realms to gain knowledge, healing and understanding. Five participants experienced with the journeying process and had self-disclosed generational trauma, were taken through a set of three journey sessions, facilitated by me. The intention set within these sessions was to gain resources and guidance in healing personal generational trauma. Interviews were conducted before and after the sessions to ascertain the participants position with generational trauma. Significant, beneficial changes were reported with no negative experiences within the time frame of three to four weeks. In conclusion, shamanic journeying is a worthwhile tool to consider in healing generational trauma and needs further research to explore its efficacy on the wider scope of generational trauma.

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