Lavina, D. (2022). The psychospiritual implications of the Uranus cycle: A phenomenological study of the embodied experience of the Uranus opposition transit [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This dissertation consists of a phenomenological study of an exploratory nature within the niche of archetypal cosmology, a novel discipline that employs the ancient art of astrology and connects it with modern transpersonal and depth psychology. This research study endeavours on the one hand to investigate the holistic and embodied experience of the Uranus opposition transit as it is recollected by individuals who have already experienced it and, on the other hand, it explores whether astrology proves to be a useful and valuable tool in the decision-making process of individuals and in the way they attribute and create meaning for their lives.A purposive sample of seven participants has been selected and qualitative data has been gathered through interviews based on semi-structured questionnaires. Results show that participants underwent significant shifts in their lives reflecting moments of sudden and unexpected change, emotional turmoil, as well as an expansion into a newer, larger version of themselves, confirming the general themes highlighted in the relevant literature. In addition, participants did not actively use astrology to navigate the period of their Uranus opposition transit, but all agreed that, when used retrospectively, astrology is a valuable and powerful tool of self-reflection allowing to create deeper meaning when looking back at one’s life. Therefore, this study not only gives a contribution when it comes to developing a deeper understanding of the different facets and themes involved in the Uranus opposition transit, but also opens avenues for further research in the use of astrology as an instrument for psychological self-reflection, creation of meaning, and growth.

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