Laws, L. (2018). An organic Inquiry into the lived experience of ‘conscious uncoupling’ with compassion [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

This study aims to learn more about the lived experience of conscious uncoupling, and the role of compassion within that experience. The transpersonal research approach, Organic Inquiry, was chosen to explore the stories of seven women and one man (including the researcher), who self-assessed their break-up experience as fitting the definition of conscious uncoupling. While there is literature on forgiveness and divorce, current literature specific to compassion in divorce is limited to one study on the benefits of self-compassion and divorce. No literature was found on compassion and divorce. Results confirm that despite the dearth of literature on the subject, compassion and self-compassion are integral to conscious uncoupling. Results indicate the importance of spirituality in conscious uncoupling as a conduit to wider transformation. Practicing self-compassion is seen as more important than compassion, but it is also hard to practice. Compassion for others and compassion for self go hand-in-hand, but achieving the balance is complex. No clear answers on how to achieve that balance emerged. Further research into the dual practice of compassion and self-compassion in divorce is recommended and would benefit from the inclusion of measured studies on the effects of dual compassion training courses in divorcing couples. It is suggested that the term mindful uncoupling is a much clearer term than conscious uncoupling.

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