Maurer, Z. (2018). The lived experience and transformational potential of 5 Rhythms dancing meditation: An intuitive inquiry [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Middlesex University.

The present study aimed to explore the lived experience and transformative potential of 5 Rhythms dancing meditation practice developed by Roth (1998). It applied Anderson`s (1998) research method of Intuitive Inquiry to draw on both intellect and intuition. Research progressed through 5 hermeneutical cycles to provide full transparency of how the original understandings of the researcher have transformed in the light of new data and how the findings integrate into existing theories and research. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with nine participants, all of whom are 5 Rhythms dancers. Using Thematic Content Analysis 11 descriptive themes were identified with sub-themes. The dominant themes were connecting and honouring the body; mindful presence and its challenges; connecting to something larger than the self; sense of purpose, meaning, and truth; connecting to all aspects of the self; and creativity and play. Overall, the findings suggested that 5 Rhythms is a powerful practice which fosters an embodied psycho-spiritual healing and transformation, given that certain factors are present including intention, attention, or connection to the body, self and others.

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