Nair-Joseph, M. (2021). Self-transformation through artistic or spiritual practice: A heuristic inquiry [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

The aim was to examine and understand the experience of self-transformation through artistic and spiritual practice. A heuristic methodology (Moustakas, 1990) was chosen, as a quintessential approach to study this phenomenon. A sample group of three artists and three spiritual practitioners were recruited. The dynamics of the transformative phenomenon was viewed through four stages of progression. They are categorized as Catalyst, Process, Experience and Manifestation. A semi-structured interview protocol was employed for data collection. The four categories were used to generate the interview protocol as well as to understand and analyze the data. The results affirmed that artistic and spiritual practices facilitate self-transformation. Expansiveness, Openness, Empathy, Heightened Awareness and Acceptance were articulated by the participants as core aspects of the experience of self -transformation.

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