Prendeville, S. (2023). An organic inquiry into the psycho-spiritual dynamics of pro-ecological behaviour [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This research investigates the psycho-spiritual dynamics underlying pro-ecological behaviour. By employing the qualitative and transpersonal approach of Organic Inquiry, it explores the experiences of six individuals who are actively engaged in pro-ecological work. With a focus on understanding the psychological, emotional, and spiritual factors that influence actions, the research adopts a transpersonal ecopsychological perspective, relating the ecological crisis facing the planet to a crisis within the human psyche. Findings centre around the use of storytelling, combining a creative synthesis of the interviews with an imaginal narrative, alongside the analysis of the interviews. The emerging themes reflect a complex interplay of factors in pro-ecological behaviour, catalysed by critical thinking through an ecological lens. Grief and suffering are revealed as significant factors, but above all, it underscores the experiential hope embedded in the role of stewardship, suggesting that pro-ecological efforts can yield a new qualitative abundance. Transpersonal psychology, which challenges traditional notions of consciousness and mainstream psychology, proposes interconnectedness as a fundamental aspect of human experience. With an ecological lens, transpersonal psychology may play a unique role in shaping our future on Earth.

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