Reichmann Popowski, V. (2022). Pieces of peace. The process and dynamics of transpersonal approaches in Israeli-Palestinian peace-building events: An exploratory grounded theory investigation [Unpublished Master’s thesis]. Alef Trust & Liverpool John Moores University.

This dissertation describes a research process designed to explore the lived experience of four Israelis and three Palestinians who participated in and facilitated peacebuilding initiatives embedded in transpersonal approaches. In parallel I personally participated in three transpersonal peacebuilding events at which the processes and dynamics of such encounters could be observed. Only a limited number of studies have examined Israeli and Palestinian peacebuilding projects rooted in the transpersonal, however they do not identify the transpersonal as an overall descriptor. This research project transcends the singular by assembling transpersonal peacebuilding approaches under one roof and exploring the transpersonal container in which these approaches are held. The Constructivist Grounded Theory was chosen as the conceptual analytical framework for this research project as it links macroscopic issues to the phenomenon under investigation, meaning that broader contextual matters like the Israeli and Palestinian conflict are given appropriate recognition in the development of theory. Furthermore, I resonate with the constructivist paradigm as it assumes that the researcher is an active agent in the construction process, which is congruent with the research project’s aim. The beginning of a framework has emerged from the data that centres around how opposing narratives between Israelis and Palestinians can be exposed and contained during these peacebuilding events. For relational transformation to be experienced, both people need to (re)humanize each other. This was attained through a variety of integrative methods, including working with symbols and embodiment methods for the potential activation of transformational purposes.

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